Documents Siggy’s Cup 2022


Prior entering Croatia, all travellers MUST fill out the online form here:

The purpose of travel is “Tourism”.  For the box “Accommodation facility”, pls refer to the picture below.

The name of your charter company has been sent to your skipper.

You will be asked to attach your vaccination certificate or your recovery certificate.

For those having none of the above, you may send your ENTER CROATIA without your certificate but please don’t forget to bring with you the certificate you will receive once your test has been performed.

Once sent, you will receive by email an “Announcement of entry into the Republic of Croatia” with a number. Make sure each traveler keeps this announcement stored in his/her mobile phone or on paper.


The chargers, on USB cables, should be used during the night or between routes, as there is high-risk that the tracker will stop sending data, when it is plugged in during routes time.

As of Sunday morning May 1, every day link to the fleet will be posted here. You’ll just need to click on the image to view the whole flotilla.


SKIPPERS’ BOOK is still in preparation

BOATS’ LAYOUT (all identical)

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