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Take your company sailing!

Sailing is the perfect venue for teambuilding, training and incentive reward programs. Sailing is fun. It’s easy to smile while on a good day out on the water with the wind  in your face, the sun, the wind, motion, scenery…it’s all a thrill.

And more to the point of business, sailing builds confidence from mastering new skills. Just helping to cast off, trim the jib sheet, and take a turn at the helm builds self-esteem. Whether it’s multiple offices or departments of one company, one office seeking to bond, or even company-to-company competition, sailing can help build many business skills.

Goal setting comes from picking a destination. Project planning comes from preparation for a passage. Staffing decisions develop from crew assignments, resource planningcomes from provisioning for a voyage, and strategic planning comes from charting a course. Tactical decisions, change management, and recognition can all be learned with your corporate event onboard. From one boat to 12, we’ll cover all of the planning details and your company will receive all of the benefits.

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