Siggy’s Cup

siggy's cup

Picture yourself sailing!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to pit yourself and your crew against others on the water, but had no idea how to get involved? Your concerns are over because the Siggy’s Cup is the friendly sailing event for you! As this event is open to any company or individual based in land-locked Luxembourg, you’ll most likely be participating with, and against, friends! 

Every spring for 11 years running, Siggy’s Cup participants have burst out of the cold winter to catch some of the first spring warmth with friends, family, and colleagues. It has now become the must-attend Luxembourg event, and it is within your reach.

Picture yourself on blue waters experiencing the fun, excitement, parties, camaraderie, and perhaps victory.

It’s an event not to be missed – call us today!

Next Siggy’s dates: May 5 – May 10, 2018


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 Advertising during the event

This year, advertising will be accepted during the Siggy’s Cup event.
Only the hull (on both port and starboard)  and the main sail are eligible for advertising.

Size and type
Hull: 50cm x 150cm max (promotional vinyl with a lifespan of three months max, with glue being less aggressive)
Adhésifs spécialement conçus pour les bateaux.
In this size, the price is:
1 color : 60 EUROS HT
Quadri: 120 EUROS HT

Mainsail: 150cm x 300cm max (insignia type)
In the size 100 x 100cm, the price is:
110 EUROS HT (1 Color or Quadri)

When ordering your adhesive, please do mention the type of support (hull or sail).

Where to order ?
Com.In – 31/33 Boulevard Rougier – 13004 Marseille Tél.: +33 4 91 85 21 21

Depending on the number of crews willing to advertise, we may organise a grouped transport back to Luxembourg.

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